Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010

I can already see tomorrow that I am going to have a hard time writing 2010. I can see that I will be dyslexic about it, too!

We have had a wonderful holiday season. The best part was that Christmas and New Years falling on Friday gave as 2 long weekends in a row to spend as a whole family. I can't believe that we are back to the grind tomorrow!

As for New Years resolutions: I am not good at them. I tend to forget them easily, get side tracked, lazy, lazy... But, this year I would like to try it again (I know, I have already said that I wasn't going to, but I changed my mind).

This year, I am going to do what I can to be a better wife. I want Scott to know everyday how much I love him. I want Scott to know how much he means to me as a husband and father. How much I appreciate his hard work. How much I appreciate the kind of Christian he is. I want our marriage to be even better - and this is the best way that I know how.

I can't wait for him to read this. He doesn't know yet! :)

I am going to start by rereading The Power of a Praying Wife. This will be the inspiration that I need to get me started. I haven't read this book in a while and it will be a great refresher course.

Oh, and by the way, I thought I'd list the books that I read last year. Now, remember that I am a slow reader that does find it difficult to get books finished, but for me, this is a record list:

  1. Redeeming Love - Francine Rivers. This book was suggested to me this summer- my first book of hers. It was INCREDIBLE. I got immersed into her story and had the book read in 4 days.
  2. Between, Georgia - (can't remember the author). Given to me by a friend, it was hilarious. A fun southern story about a woman who has 2 sets of families that each despise the other. Read at the beach!
  3. Leota's Garden - F. Rivers. You will catch the theme here... A story about a Grandmother, Mother and Daughter who struggle with family secrets. Great book.
  4. The Scarlett Thread - F. Rivers. Modern day show of how a marriage is affected by lack of communication. The book is really (2) stories in one - mingled with a story of the mid-1800's.
  5. And the Shofar Blew - F. Rivers. Another modern day show of the difficulties of ministers and their families. Very good book.
  6. Let me add here that Rivers is a Christian author - and fantastic. Safe reading.
  7. The Last Sin Eater - F. Rivers. Set in the 1800's in Cades Cove, TN. Great book - the dialect is difficult at times, but it was fantastic. This book won several literacy awards.
  8. The Atonement Child - F. Rivers. A modern day novel about the consequences of rape and the fight against abortion. She pulls views from many different characters in this book - which makes it so interesting.
  9. The Potluck Club - Linda Shepherd and Eva Everson. A fun book written about 6 ladies with real life issues. Each chapter is written from each character's perspective. I couldn't believe when it ended - and want the next one. Another Christian book.
  10. We Have this Moment - Diann Hunt. This book was very simply written, but sometimes it is nice to have a break from difficult reading.
  11. The Strong-Willed Child - James Dobson. Very good book. I'm actually not finished with it, but it has been very helpful with Brooks. I need to just buy it (currently have it from the library).

There you have it. Honestly, I'm sure that this has been a record year for me as far as reading is concerned. I am so thrilled to have found Rivers - because I have loved EVERY book I have read of hers so far. And, there are so many to go!! :) So, maybe my list will be even longer at the end of 2010.

Happy New Years everyone!


Rebecca said...

I read Redeeming Love too and loved it. I wondered if I ruined myself by reading her best book first, but if you loved them all, then I will have to read more of hers.

Nancy said...

Girl, I could so live next to you and enjoy each and every day :) love what you've done with your blog background and the header matches sweetly! I have no doubt you will follow through on these resolutions :)

Louise said...

I have heard of Redeeming Love and I think it will be added to my list! I think most of these books will be! I love getting suggestions for good books!! Thanks!!