Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am feeling much better at this point. It has taken me some time to "digest" what all transpired this past week. I am so thankful for the encouragement from my friends concerning this. I mostly appreciate the prayers on my behalf.

I must say, my mind has thought a lot this week about many things. One in particular was that I have always tried to be a Christian example to this person. Not only did I feel hurt that I am not trusted, but I feel like I am not that influence that I tried to be. That is a double hurt for a Christian. I don't know if that thought has ever occurred to me before - that I felt that I had failed to demonstrate Christ.

I have also learned that there are other things going on in this person's life that is most likely had something to do with the situation. Still doesn't make the hurt go away. Please use this as a lesson in your life. It is so easy to hurt others with your words or actions. That hurt is magnified when you allow trials of your own as an excuse to make your words more bitter.

But, at any rate, I have had time for my mind to get wrapped around the fact that it has happened and now I must move on. I did receive good counsel from a good friend that helped me tremendously. I just pray that I can get that trust back, and get the light of Christ,, that I thought was shining to hopefully be a good influence again.

So, back to the Busby life. We are all ready for Christmas. Kate asks me everyday, "Are she and Brooks on the nice list? (thanks, Dora the Explorer)" and "When is Santa coming?" and "When are we sending out Christmas cards?" It has been a real treat this year to see her so excited about Santa - because this is the first year that she has been. And, her excitement has really gotten Brooks pumped up about it. Christmas shopping is complete - except for Scott. He is the hardest to buy for! I have only requested a few things: Carrie Underwood's new CD and, oh shoot, forgot the other one. Hopefully Scott hasn't. :)

Our Christmas cards just arrived on Thursday, and I frantically got them addressed and mailed on Friday. I will post one on the blog tomorrow. I was totally thrilled with it this year. Even though it wasn't a Christmas pose, it was just beautiful.

Keep praying for the Gray family. Helen's funeral was Wednesday, and I heard it was beautiful. They are still in need of monetary donations. You can click on their picture on my blog if you would like to contribute. The Faulkner family and church of Christ has been so supportive of them. It makes you proud to be a part of such a special people.


T. Brodie said...

Got your card yesterday- they are so cute! Thank you for thinking of us. We'll see you later!

Haley said...

thanks for mentioning my family on your blog! It is so wonderful to know that so many are praying for my sis-in-law! and I said a prayer for you as well. :)