Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Busby funnies

Brooks told us this morning (after waking up at the crack of dawn): "Mama, my big ol' watch says it's time to get up."

Brooks told me tonight that his watch said "for me to pull up his underware", and made sure that I saw it say that on his watch.

Kate's new mix up word is: menember (remember)

The other day, Kate got mad at Brooks for talking. Actually, Brooks was just stuttering, and couldn't get his thought out. I felt badly for both.

The other day, Uncle Tommy remarked (after seeing Brooks wear a jogging suit) that "he'd never seen him dressed like a boy before"... Pu'lese - I've dressed him like a boy twice before... :)

Scott is returning to driving next week! We are thankful!

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Louise said...

I love that you put pu'lese!!! :) It sounds just like you!! :)