Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who can read 100 books?

Last year all the kids at Kate's school were challenged to read 100 books. We started and got to over 50, but then became forgetful and neglected to write the titles down.
This year, it was much different. When Kate got the challenge, she started immediately! Part of this improvement came with her learning to read. She is so eager to read and loves it! The first afternoon after school she read 17 books... and it went on from there.
She has now completed reading 100 books. I think I will continue to keep record of other books she reads to keep her interested.
I am so proud of you, Kate!

This child is into drawing and coloring these days. She loves it! Animals are being drawn everywhere, with coloring and cutting. Below is the beginnings of a pumpkin...

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Laura McCann said...

A girl after my own heart! So glad she loves to read (reading can take her anywhere she wants to go) and create art (helps her learn to express herself). Next we will have to see if she inherited her mama's beautiful singing voice! : ) Aunt Laura is very proud of her, too! Hugs and kisses!

Louise said...

Way to go Kate!!!!! I love to read and I love to see kids reading!!! :)

Rebecca said...

I have to admit I am envious of you having a child that loves to read. My Brooks hates it! We take a book to church for him to read, and he would rather do nothing than read. We even let him pick out the books, but it is not working. I am going to tell him that Kate has read 100 books and see what he does.