Monday, September 5, 2011

Guess who lost her first tooth? :)

It's been over a month since her center lower incisors have erupted, and we FINALLY lost our first tooth last night! It took me promising to help her make a clubhouse for her Littlest Petshop toys (out of a shoe box). But it worked! Her permanent tooth has already moved forward since last night, so I am glad that we have that baby tooth out.

So, last night we left a cup of clear water beside her bed. When the toothfairy came, she touched the water, and it turned the color of her outfit - RED! :) She left Kate 4 shiny coins, and she couldn't have been happier! We all can't wait for tooth #2! :)


this morning!

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Robin Maner said...

It's the beginning of the end of her baby teeth! Heh, congrats to the tooth fairy for another day of work. Moments like these really show that the kids are growing up, no?