Friday, March 4, 2011

Kate's 6th birthday party

Last year, a friend mentioned to me about having a birthday party in January for her niece - a swimming party, because who gets to go swimming in the winter? We thought that was the neatest idea. So, we got a hotel room for the night and had a few kids over from church to swim in the indoor pool. It was a hit. I think that Scott had the most fun of everyone!
Brooks stayed in the hot tub. He loved it. Here are some pictures from that day. Kate still wasn't feeling her best (having gotten over her latest asthma flareup that week).
And, of course - her birthday cake!


Mimi said...

The party was MORE than fun! And the cake was wonderful!!! Thanks for inviting me and Pa! Can't believe Kate is six yrs old!

The Adventures of Baby Bond said...

What a great idea! Morgan's birthday is February and this will be a great idea in a few years :) Your pictures look great!