Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Throwback, UGA style

For Christmas, Scott's Mom gave him maybe 10-12 of his UGA shirts from when he was younger. They are so cool. He loved getting them, and Brooks loves them too. I think that Kate has worn one a time or 2. Well, tonight Brooks came out from putting on his pajamas and this is what he was wearing. Naturally, it tickled Scott to no end. They have been playing ball since Scott finished supper. He is a good Daddy.

Did you catch the Australian Open on TV? :)

Tomorrow is Kate's 100th day of school. The entire school is so excited. I had no idea that this would be such a big deal! Tonight we counted 100 of our gigantic nuts from the mountain cemetery in Gatlinburg for her to take to school. Afterwards, we counted 100 chocolate chips for her to bring (all the kids are are bringing food so that they can have a snack). Here are pictures of the nuts... (these are not edible)...

Complete with "How 'bout them Dawgs" container
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Louise said...

She and the other kids were so excited to tell me about it in Bible class that night!!! SO fun!!!