Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas trees

The kids were AWESOME helping me decorate the trees this year! They couldn't wait to be able to get going. I am so glad that we now have the 3 tier trees - it makes it so much easier to put them up.

Some of the things that Brooks said that were the best:

- "I just love Christmas!"
- "I love hanging ornaments! It's my favorite Christmastime!"

When he prayed tonight, he thanked God for our Christmas trees, and he prayed they would still be up in the morning, and that Christmas Eve would come soon. His prayers have come along so well here as of late, and I am just so proud of him.

And, I can't leave Kate out. She was super at helping out! She was a little sad at the fact that she had to share her tree with Brooks this year, but they worked well together.

I got these stockings last year from Target after Christmas. It took a while to find all of our initials, but it paid off because they were so cheap. I purchased the pom pom trim separately and Mom sewed it on for me.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Playing catchup

Today, at the grocery store, Kate asked to buy some Brawny, because "it never let's you down..."

We had a great time in the mountains this year. Brooks was sick with walking pneumonia, which made our week a bit different. He ran a fever off and on for the first few days, and didn't sleep well at night (and the kids slept in our room, so we didn't sleep well either). But, by Tuesday he was feeling better. Thank goodness we had started antibiotics on Friday before.

Didn't get to Cades Cove this time, or to Gatlinburg, but we did go to the beautiful cemetery outside of Gatlinburg, picked a TON of acorns and got to hike a little. We all enjoyed it! I wish I could do more of that.

This coming week I have to work all week - so I will be T-I-R-E-D. But, I feel rejuvenated from a week away. We spent the day catching up on the house, and Scott is working on taking apart our back deck. He and a friend at work will put a new one up next weekend. Ours was past bad, with several boards rotten. We are saving a lot of money with Guy helping us. And, it will be something else to learn!

Quarterboy can't stay out of my lap since we got home. And I love it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Faves of Kate

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Some of my favorites!

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More Mountain pictures

Me, Papa and the kids

Papa and our family

Rick and Brooke (Caroline was asleep the entire time!)
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Happy Fall Ya'll!

I have been after pictures this week!

Here are some of the better ones...

Hmmmm.... which one will end up on the Christmas card?
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