Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Twin

Dear Kate,

It is so hard to believe that you are so grown up. Where have the years gone? I am asking this as if you are on your way to being married, but I know that I will turn around, and you will be gone.

Recently, you have been doing such funny things. I love how you say you want to be a clinic worker, or a veterinarian like me. It is hard to believe that someone would think that much of me! (besides Daddy, of course). You have asked me lately if we could be twins. You are so neat! You suggested that we were both girls, both wore flip flops and had pink toenails. And, you asked if we could be twins forever.

Perhaps I should ask you? I know that days will come that you will have outgrown our closeness. Time will be here soon that you are less dependent on me. Why, school is only a few weeks away! You will have a special teacher that will be the apple of your eye. And, rightfully so. It's hard for me to think that there will be another person to have you all day long - to be your influence.

But, I know that you are growing up. You are growing up in front of my watchful eye everyday - and I am so proud of the daughter you are to us. And, while I'm watching you grow up, I will always remember these days that you were home with me - as my little girl. Your future, I pray, will be filled with immense happiness.

Just be my twin. Always.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Our first beach trip this year

We got to go to the beach this year for the first time. I was ready to go, and I didn't want to wait until August!

I got frustrated with booking, so Scott took over (thankfully) and got our hotel reserved. We left Friday night after work, and the kids were great. They were perfect for the ride down, and were getting a bit funny before we got there - we were all getting a little tired. The trip down was very easy.

Saturday morning I headed down to Publix to buy some ponytail holders. After getting back, Scott had the kids ready to go with sunscreen. He and I changed and got ready and headed to the beach. Kate was 110% ready. She headed straight for the water! Brooks, on the other hand, didn't like the beach much. He said, "The sand was too hot. The water was too loud. The water was too cold." Well, he cried a lot, so Scott and I took turns watching him, while the other went in the water with Kate. We floated on the boogie board on the waves. The water was beautiful and perfect, with no oil in sight. We stayed about 2 hours before coming back to the hotel.

After eating Chickalay for lunch and showering, we took off again to go flea market shopping. What fun that was! We got Brooks a new scooter (his had LONG since had a hard time here), Kate a new Breyer for $5 and a new green bear (Shopper), and Brooks a new race car.

Later that afternoon, we headed back to the hotel, ate peanut butter sands for supper, and I noticed on TV that rain was coming. So, we quickly headed back to the beach with the kids to do pictures. :) I got some beautiful pictures of the kids, and some of myself. There were 2 weddings being held on the beach that evening. Scott and I took the kids walking, Kate looked for shells, and Brooks was much more content with the beach this time. We got back to the hotel, and the rain poured down just 15 minutes later!

The next morning, I thought I hit snooze, but turned the alarm off. We didn't wake up until after 9am! Breakfast was wonderful at the hotel: eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, bagels/croissants, cereal, juices and more. We packed up our things and headed home.

It was a great weekend and we can't wait to go back. Enjoy the pictures - the best ones from the beach are on the next post...

Kate didn't want to stay out of the water.

Brooks was getting so hot!

This caught our attention... did you see where the parking is?

Another great sign.
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Fort Waldon Beach 2010

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