Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Twin

Dear Kate,

It is so hard to believe that you are so grown up. Where have the years gone? I am asking this as if you are on your way to being married, but I know that I will turn around, and you will be gone.

Recently, you have been doing such funny things. I love how you say you want to be a clinic worker, or a veterinarian like me. It is hard to believe that someone would think that much of me! (besides Daddy, of course). You have asked me lately if we could be twins. You are so neat! You suggested that we were both girls, both wore flip flops and had pink toenails. And, you asked if we could be twins forever.

Perhaps I should ask you? I know that days will come that you will have outgrown our closeness. Time will be here soon that you are less dependent on me. Why, school is only a few weeks away! You will have a special teacher that will be the apple of your eye. And, rightfully so. It's hard for me to think that there will be another person to have you all day long - to be your influence.

But, I know that you are growing up. You are growing up in front of my watchful eye everyday - and I am so proud of the daughter you are to us. And, while I'm watching you grow up, I will always remember these days that you were home with me - as my little girl. Your future, I pray, will be filled with immense happiness.

Just be my twin. Always.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said and spoken from a mommy's heart.

onedayinmyworld said...
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onedayinmyworld said...

That is sooo sweet...yes, they certainly do grow up fast...sometimes I wish I could just hug mine forever and never let's like you want to hold on to every smile, every smell, every band-aid....but each year brings another type of wonderful


Rebecca said...

So sweet Kristi!

Nancy said...

Loved this post, girl.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww ... made me cry! You are so blessed to have Kate ... such a beautiful, sweet and smart little girl. Glad you are "smelling the roses" while she is small and enjoying the moments while she is growing up. They are precious! I remember you at her age ... you were a little doll too. Where do the years go? I know I "turned around" and you were grown and applying for vet school. Enjoy each day you have with those you love and make the most of them. Make as many special memories as you can. Those are what last.

Love you,

Aunt J

Mom said... now I am crying like a baby! That is one of the sweetest things I have EVER read! I, too, have noticed how Kate is growing and changing, and all for the better. She is more loving and caring, and just seems to be full of wonder lately. She is a smart and beautiful little girl but you are right, Kristi...she will grow out from under you so quickly. Turn around, and she will be out the door! Remember...that is what your job raise her to walk on her make a difference in the be fly and soar! She will always love you...that I am sure of! She will always be your little girl...even when she has children of her do I know?...just look at you! I am thankful you and I can be 'twins', too! I love you, Kris!

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

What a nice post Kristi. We all love our daughters and it seems we have such a short time with them before they are grown and have daughters of their own. We are blessed to have such wonderful women in our family and little women who are growing up so beautifully to keep the tradition going forward. Enjoy every minute you have with your little guys. Making those memories as Aunt J said. Love you