Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our new aquisition

This is Corduroy. He is the kitten I blogged about with the congenital eye defect. He is such a nice kitten that we have decided to make him our own. He is such a sweet cat! Purrs like a truck. And, he is quite the snuggler. The best is he is a hemingway cat. This isn't a breed, but a hereditary trait. He has extra toes (3 on each front foot and 1 on each back foot) making 24 in all!

Don't worry about the purple nails... I didn't paint them. They are soft paws that I placed to make sure that he isn't destroying the furniture until we decide that he will work out at our house. If he does (which he will!), I will declaw him later.

He does have some strange ear issues that I am working on diagnosing... I am thinking at this point it is food allergy. He is just a fantastic addition to the Busby household!

OH - and how can I forget! The kids can't say "Corduroy" and have been calling him "Quarter-boy". It is so cute. Technically, he is only 1 toe away from 25 toes... so what's another? :)

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myletterstoemily said...

on no, she didn't! purple? ha ha!

sweet kitty's been to the beauty

Nancy said...

I basically scared of cats :) but this one is beautiful!